The First Descendant

The First Descendant is an upcoming free-to-play looter shooter set to launch on July 2nd for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

The First Descendant Guides

Developed by Nexon, the game promises a blend of fast-paced combat, unique traversal mechanics, and a deep, engaging story. Here, we provide an overview of what to expect from this highly anticipated game.
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Feature Details
Release Date July 2nd
Platforms Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5, PC
Genre Looter Shooter
Game Modes PVE
Developer Nexon Games
Unique Features Grappling Hook, Dynamic Traversal, Extensive Customization

The First Descendant Wiki

Dynamic Traversal

The First Descendant features a revolutionary grappling hook that allows for 360° movement, enhancing mobility and adding a new layer of strategy to combat. This tool is not only useful for traversing the environment but also plays a critical role in boss battles.

Expansive Build Customization

At launch, the game offers over 600 modules to modify weapons and skills. These modules provide various buffs and can significantly alter gameplay, allowing for highly personalized builds. Players can switch between different loadouts without starting from scratch, thanks to the newly introduced loadout system.

No PVP Mode (Yet)

The First Descendant is focused on providing a robust PVE experience. The developers have stated that there are no immediate plans for PVP, allowing them to fine-tune the balance and mechanics of the core game.

Customization and Cosmetics

Despite not having a full character creator, The First Descendant offers extensive customization options. Players can choose from a variety of character skins, weapon skins, and grapple hook skins, each with color customization. Additionally, there are emotes, spawn animations, and UI themes to personalize the gaming experience further.

Enhanced Open World

The game features rich, content-dense open world fields, filled with mini-games, collectibles, side quests, and more. The design ensures a seamless blend of exploration and combat, with activities like vulgus Recon Outposts and void Fusion reactors to engage in.

Instance Dungeons and Endgame Content

Endgame content in The First Descendant includes instance dungeons and void intercept battles. These dungeons offer normal and hard difficulty settings, featuring traps, puzzles, and intense combat challenges. Void intercept battles function like raids, providing a substantial test for maxed-out characters.

Modular Difficulty and Rewards

Players can choose different difficulty modes for various mission types, which affect enemy spawns and rewards. Hard Mode introduces a drop rotation system, allowing players to target specific loot, enhancing the strategic aspect of farming.

Laboratory Zone

The laboratory is a dedicated area where players can test different equipment and characters. This unique environment allows for experimentation with gear and skills, ensuring players can optimize their builds before heading into battle.

Journal and Item Library

The game includes a journal and item library to track progress and manage collections. This feature helps players stay organized and focused on their goals, making it easier to farm and manage resources.

User Experience and System Requirements

Years of beta testing have refined the game’s menus and interfaces, making navigation intuitive and efficient. Despite its high graphical fidelity, the game has surprisingly low system requirements, making it accessible to a wide range of players.

Crossplay and Optimization

The First Descendant supports crossplay between all major consoles and PC. While the development team is relatively new to console development, they have shown a commitment to optimizing the game for all platforms.

The First Descendant is shaping up to be a standout title in the looter shooter genre. With its dynamic traversal, extensive customization, and engaging endgame content, it promises a rich and rewarding experience for players. Whether you’re a veteran looter shooter fan or new to the genre, The First Descendant offers something for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed guides on The First Descendant, and prepare to dive into this exciting new world on July 2nd!

Boss Battles

The First Descendant features large boss battles that will appeal to fans of games like Monster Hunter. These battles include multi-phase encounters, part detachments, and environmental puzzles, offering a varied and challenging experience.