Afterglow Sword – The First Descendant

In the world of The First Descendant, even the most skilled snipers struggled with the lack of specialized weapons tailored to their unique needs. That is, until the recent unveiling of a game-changing weapon the Afterglow Sword. This innovative sniper rifle, designed with advanced technology, pays homage to the legendary sniper Neil Neldor, also known as the Nightmare Reaper. With its exceptional accuracy and lethality, the Afterglow Sword is engineered to strike terror into the hearts of enemies. This guide delves into the abilities and features of this powerful weapon, providing essential information for players looking to dominate their foes.

Afterglow Sword
Type: Sniper Rifle
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Afterglow Sword

Abilities of Afterglow Sword

Nightmare Reaper
Nightmare Reaper

The Afterglow Sword comes equipped with a unique set of abilities that enhance its effectiveness in combat. The primary ability, Nightmare Reaper, activates when hitting a weak point on an enemy. This inflicts the unique effect, Death Propagation, which has a duration of 5 seconds and can stack up to 6 times. Each stack increases weak point damage by 3% and modifies reload time by 3%. Additionally, when hitting an enemy Commander or Colossus, the weapon increases the firearm’s critical hit rate by 12.5%, applying the effect to the attack. These abilities make the Afterglow Sword particularly deadly against high-value targets.

Basic Information
Fire Rate -30%
Effective Range (Drop-off-start) 10%
Death Propagation
Duration 5s
Max Stacks 6
Reload Speed 2%
Weak Point Damage 9%
Reload Time Modifier per Stack 3%
Weak Point Damage per Stack 3%
On hitting an enemy Commander
Firearm Critical Hit Rate 12.5%
On hitting a Colossus
Firearm Critical Hit Rate 12.5%

The Afterglow Sword offers numerous advantages that make it a formidable weapon in The First Descendant:

  • Inflicts Death Propagation on weak point hits, amplifying damage over time.
  • Increases critical hit rate significantly when targeting Commanders or Colossi.
  • Enhances reload time and weak point damage, ensuring quicker and more potent attacks.

Despite its strengths, the Afterglow Sword is best suited for specific combat scenarios:

  • Most effective against high-value targets like Commanders or Colossi, making it less versatile for general combat.
  • Requires precision and skill to maximize its unique abilities and benefits.

Best Characters for Afterglow Sword

Certain characters in The First Descendant can leverage the Afterglow Sword’s abilities more effectively. The best characters to wield this weapon include:

Character Benefit
Gley Benefits greatly from the enhanced critical hit rate and weak point damage.
Kyle Can maximize the weapon’s potential with his combat skills.
Lepic Takes advantage of the increased damage against high-value targets.
Valby Uses the Afterglow Sword’s abilities to deliver powerful single-target attacks.
Research Time

Obtaining the Afterglow Sword requires a dedicated research period:

Research Time: 4 Hours


Acquiring this powerful weapon also comes with a significant cost:

Cost: 100k Gold

Required Mastery Rank

To unlock the Afterglow Sword, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:

Required Mastery Rank: Research Available at Rank 15


Crafting the Afterglow Sword necessitates gathering specific materials:

1 Afterglow Sword Polymer Synctium
1 Afterglow Sword Synthetic Fiber
1 Afterglow Sword Nano Tube
1 Afterglow Sword Blueprint

The Afterglow Sword is a powerful sniper rifle tailored for taking down tough enemies. Gley benefits greatly from its enhanced critical hit rate and weak point damage, making it deadly in skilled hands. You’ll want to use a Sniper to take down bosses, and it is more single-target oriented, whereas your other weapons are geared for AOE add clear.

The Afterglow Sword is an exceptional sniper rifle designed to meet the needs of elite snipers in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to dominate high-value targets. With the right character and strategy, the Afterglow Sword can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.