Albion Cavalry – The First Descendant

When Albion first began fighting back against Vulgus, they were lacking in many areas. Only the surviving knights and soldiers could fight. Significant weapon development started once the Magisters joined. They formed a Special Cavalry and developed a heavy machine gun for use on horseback. Initially large and cumbersome, it was refined into a smaller, lighter weapon suitable for all. It remains known as the Albion Cavalry Gun.

Albion Cavalry Gun
Type: Heavy Machine Gun
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Albion Cavalry Gun

Abilities of Albion Cavalry Gun


The Albion Cavalry Gun is renowned for its special ability, Cavalry, which provides a significant boost when engaging with stunned enemies. When hitting a stunned enemy, the weapon increases ATK and applies the effect to the attack. Additionally, achieving a critical hit on a stunned enemy has a set chance to inflict stun on the enemy, creating a powerful synergy that can turn the tide of battle.

Basic Information
Recoil 20%
On hitting a Stunned enemy
Firearm ATK 25%
Stun Trigger Rate 100%
Duration 2.0s

The Albion Cavalry Gun offers several advantages that make it a formidable weapon in The First Descendant:

  • Increases attack significantly when hitting a stunned opponent, maximizing damage output.
  • Has a high chance to reapply stun on critical hits against stunned enemies, creating a continuous cycle of control and damage.

Despite its strengths, the Albion Cavalry Gun has certain limitations:

  • Requires enemies to be stunned to fully utilize its abilities, which can be a limiting factor in some combat scenarios.

Best Characters for Albion Cavalry Gun

Certain characters in The First Descendant can leverage the Albion Cavalry Gun’s abilities more effectively. The best characters to wield this weapon include:

Character Benefit
Ajax Can effectively utilize the weapon’s stun synergy for enhanced combat performance.
Sharen Has an on-demand stun skill, making her a perfect match for the Albion Cavalry Gun.
Blair Can leverage the increased attack and stun effects for devastating results.
Research Time

Obtaining the Albion Cavalry Gun requires a dedicated research period:

Research Time: 4 Hours


Acquiring this powerful weapon also comes with a significant cost:

Cost: 100k Gold

Required Mastery Rank

To unlock the Albion Cavalry Gun, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:

Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 1


Crafting the Albion Cavalry Gun necessitates gathering specific materials:

  • 1 Albion Cavalry Gun Polymer Synctium
  • 1 Albion Cavalry Gun Synthetic Fiber
  • 1 Albion Cavalry Gun Nano Tube
  • 1 Albion Cavalry Gun Blueprint

The Albion Cavalry Gun excels in maximizing damage against stunned enemies, making it perfect for Ajax or Sharen. Its ability to reapply stun on critical hits creates a powerful cycle of control and damage. Sharen’s on-demand stun skill can radically boost your damage, making her an ideal choice when using this character.

The Albion Cavalry Gun is an exceptional machine gun designed for high-speed, mobile strike operations. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to dominate their enemies. With the right character and strategy, the Albion Cavalry Gun can turn the tide of battle and secure victory in The First Descendant.