Blue Beetle – The First Descendant

The newest of the .318 Magnum Round Scout Rifles, the Blue Beetle, was named for its unique appearance. Its brilliant look is due to its high pure gold content, which was used to increase the weapon’s resistance to electric voltage. In particular, the weapon includes an Arche Emitter, which is the culmination of Albion’s newest technologies. Descendants can use their Arche to draw forth the weapon’s special function: a unique ability useful for both attack and defense. This phenomenon occurs when the device’s high voltage and blue energy waves work together with the Descendant’s Arche to emit energy. Magisters are hard at work to apply this technology to many other areas as well.

Blue Beetle
Type: Scout Rifle
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Blue Beetle

Abilities of Blue Beetle

Arcane Wave
Arcane Wave

The Blue Beetle is equipped with Arcane Wave, a special ability that grants powerful buffs to the user. When using a Fusion skill, the weapon grants the unique ability Arcane Energy with a set chance, increasing the critical hit rate. When using a Singular skill, it grants the ability Purification with a set chance, removing debuffs. This combination of offensive and defensive capabilities makes the Blue Beetle a versatile and formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled Descendant.

Basic Information
Skill Cost 20%
Arcane Energy
Trigger Rate 50%
Duration 10s
Skill Critical Hit Rate 10%
Trigger Rate 50%
Duration 1s
Remove Debuff 100%

The Blue Beetle offers several advantages that make it a valuable asset in combat:

  • Grants the Arcane Energy buff, increasing critical hit rate when using Fusion skills.
  • Provides the Purification buff, removing debuffs when using Singular skills.
  • Versatile in both offensive and defensive scenarios, enhancing overall combat effectiveness.

Despite its strengths, the Blue Beetle has certain limitations:

  • Buffs depend on skill usage for activation, which may require strategic planning in combat.

Best Characters for Blue Beetle

Certain characters in The First Descendant can leverage the Blue Beetle’s abilities more effectively. The best characters to wield this weapon include:

Character Benefit
Bunny Frequently uses Fusion skills, benefiting from the Arcane Energy buff.
Valby Can utilize both Fusion and Singular skills to trigger the weapon’s buffs.
Gley Takes advantage of the increased critical hit rate and debuff removal.
Jayber Benefits from the versatility of the Blue Beetle in various combat situations.
Viessa Utilizes the weapon’s offensive and defensive buffs to enhance her combat abilities.
Research Time

Obtaining the Blue Beetle requires a dedicated research period:

Research Time: 4 Hours


Acquiring this ultimate scout rifle requires a significant investment:

Cost: 100k Gold

Required Mastery Rank

To unlock the Blue Beetle, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:

Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 10


Crafting the Blue Beetle necessitates gathering specific materials:

  • 1 Blue Beetle Polymer Synctium
  • 1 Blue Beetle Synthetic Fiber
  • 1 Blue Beetle Nano Tube
  • 1 Blue Beetle Blueprint

The Blue Beetle enhances critical hit rate and debuff removal through its buffs, making it versatile for characters like Bunny or Valby, who can utilize these skills frequently. However, you can also use this weapon for Viessa, Gley, or Jayber. It offers a mix of offense and defense, making it a solid choice for versatile characters. Moreover, any character using Fusion or Singular skills will benefit from this as their main weapon.

The Blue Beetle is an exceptional scout rifle designed for versatility and effectiveness in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to enhance both their offensive and defensive capabilities. With the right character and strategy, the Blue Beetle can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.