Characters Tier List The First Descendant

Welcome, Descendants! As we delve into the world of The First Descendant, it’s essential to know which characters stand out and can help you dominate the battlefield. This tier list will provide a concise ranking of the characters based on their performance, abilities, and overall utility. Whether you prefer high damage dealers or sturdy tanks, this guide will help you choose the best characters for your playstyle.

Tier list Characters The First Descendant.

What Each Tier Means

Tier Description
S Characters in this tier are the most powerful and versatile in the game. They excel in almost every situation and are the best choices for dominating the battlefield.
A These characters are strong and reliable, offering great performance in most scenarios. While not as overpowered as S-Tier characters, they are still top choices for any team.
B B-Tier characters are good but have some limitations. They are solid choices and can perform well with the right strategy and team composition.
C These characters are the least effective and often have significant weaknesses. They may require more effort to be viable and are generally not recommended for optimal play.

Tier S Descendant



  • High damage output
  • Discharges electricity while sprinting, dealing continuous damage
  • Skills synergize well to maximize her damage potential


  • Versatile damage dealer
  • Manipulates water to inflict continuous damage and control the battlefield
  • Effective in both offensive and supportive roles

Tier A Descendant



  • Specialist in damage-over-time
  • Uses venom to trap and deplete enemies’ health over time
  • Strong in prolonged battles


  • Utility damage dealer
  • Becomes stronger with each kill
  • Can recover HP and enhance attacks


  • Uses turrets for damage and defense
  • Versatile and enhances turrets for greater effectiveness
  • Valuable in team compositions


  • Tank character utilizing void energy
  • Protects allies and deflects enemy attacks
  • Strong defensive abilities and supportive skills


  • DPS character using grenades
  • Clears the battlefield with powerful active skills
  • Consistent damage output


  • Burst DPS character specializing in explosives
  • High burst damage
  • Effective against multiple enemies

Tier B Descendant



  • Assassin-type melee class with electric abilities
  • Excels in close combat
  • Reliance on stealth can be a limitation


  • Balanced character with decent damage and defense
  • Versatile playstyle
  • Lacks specialized strengths


  • Elemental damage dealer with ice abilities
  • Controls the battlefield and inflicts continuous damage
  • Less impactful than higher-tier characters


  • Support character providing healing and buffs
  • Valuable supportive abilities
  • Lacks offensive power

Tier C Descendant



  • Tanky character with limited elemental abilities
  • Lacks specialized skills and lower damage output
  • Less effective compared to higher-tier characters


  • Fire-based damage dealer
  • Deals significant damage but lacks flexibility
  • Lower survivability and versatility

Choosing the right character in The First Descendant is crucial for your success on the battlefield. While S-tier characters like Bunny and Valby offer exceptional performance, A-tier characters provide strong alternatives with unique strengths. B-tier characters are reliable but may require more strategic play, while C-tier characters have specific limitations that can hinder their effectiveness. Ultimately, the best character for you will depend on your preferred playstyle and team composition. Good luck, Descendants, and may your journey be filled with victory!