Clairvoyance – The First Descendant

The Beam Rifle is one of the new weapons that was developed. In particular, its ability to collect high levels of energy in one place and fire it all at once was a state of the art technology that had never before been possible. The Colossus StunningBeauty’s component is what made this technology possible. The Eye of Judgement, StunningBeauty’s energy processing component, allowed a highly concentrated beam of energy to be shot forward in a deliberate manner. Albion did not have the ability to mass-produce a component with such high energy and heat resistance with its current technology. The diverse Beam Rifles that would be created later were inspired from this very technology, but due to the use of lower spec mass-produced components, it was rare to have a rifle that had the high power and performance of Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance Beam Rifle
Type: Beam Rifle
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Clairvoyance Beam Rifle

Abilities of Clairvoyance Beam Rifle

The Thing Beyond
The Thing Beyond

The Clairvoyance beam rifle is equipped with the unique ability called The Thing Beyond, which activates special effects based on the stage of the beam used. When hitting an enemy with a Stage 2 Beam, it inflicts Void Gaze, reducing the target’s chill resistance. When hitting an enemy with a Stage 3 Beam, it inflicts Appalled Calling, which further reduces chill resistance and drastically decreases action speed. These abilities make the Clairvoyance particularly effective in controlling and weakening enemies over time.

Basic Information
Beam Rifle Charge Increase Speed -20%
Void Gaze
Duration 2s
Chill Resistance -20%
Appalled Calling
Duration 2.0s
Chill Resistance -20%
Action Speed -70%

The Clairvoyance beam rifle offers numerous advantages that make it a formidable weapon in The First Descendant:

  • Increases damage over time as the weapon is held and used.
  • Inflicts Void Gaze and Appalled Calling on targets, equivalent to frostbite effects, which weaken and slow enemies significantly.
  • Ideal for sustained damage, making it highly effective against bosses and tough enemies.

Despite its strengths, the Clairvoyance beam rifle has certain limitations:

  • Requires sustained firing to maximize damage and fully utilize its abilities.
  • Less effective in situations where constant firing is not possible due to interruptions or the need for mobility.

Best Characters for Clairvoyance Beam Rifle

Certain characters in The First Descendant can leverage the Clairvoyance beam rifle’s abilities more effectively. The best characters to wield this weapon include:

Character Benefit
Viessa Excels with the Clairvoyance due to her ice damage and ability to sustain fire on targets.
All characters Can benefit from the weapon’s powerful effects, but those who can maintain precision and sustained firing will get the most out of it.
Research Time

Obtaining the Clairvoyance beam rifle requires a dedicated research period:

Research Time: 4 Hours


Acquiring this ultimate beam rifle requires a significant investment:

Cost: 100k Gold

Required Mastery Rank

To unlock the Clairvoyance beam rifle, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:

Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 15


Crafting the Clairvoyance beam rifle necessitates gathering specific materials:

  • 1 Clairvoyance Polymer Synctium
  • 1 Clairvoyance Synthetic Fiber
  • 1 Clairvoyance Nano Tube
  • 1 Clairvoyance Blueprint

Ideal for players who can maintain precision, this beam rifle becomes more powerful the longer it is used on a single target. This is ideal for Viessa with ice damage and burns on bosses where you can rapidly hold down the trigger. Only use this weapon when you can consistently hold the trigger for a few seconds without interruption.

The Clairvoyance beam rifle is an exceptional weapon designed for sustained damage and enemy control in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to weaken and dominate their enemies. With the right character and strategy, the Clairvoyance can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.