Esiemo Build & Guide The First Descendant

Esiemo is a powerful burst damage character in The First Descendant who uses explosives to deal direct and area-of-effect damage to enemies. He primarily uses different types of bombs and landmines to cause destruction, but his incendiary ultimate uses his own body to charge in with a knockback and explosion. Esiemo has the potential to be a strong damage character, but player skill and strategic placement of explosives will be key to high DPS.


Esiemo TFD

Feature Details
Role Burst DPS
Primary Skills Time Bomb, Blast, Guided Landmine
Passive Skill Adventitious Habit
Ultimate Ability Arche Explosion
Specialization Handling explosives for direct and AOE damage
Unlock Methods Can be purchased or crafted
Primary Strengths Crowd control, AOE damage

Esiemo Skills

Time Bomb
  • Description: Launches a Sticky Bomb forward. The Sticky Bomb attaches to an enemy or terrain feature on contact.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Damage: Skill Power x 150%
  • How to Use: Use Time Bomb to stick explosives to enemies or surfaces in high-traffic areas. Ideal for setting up traps and dealing consistent damage.
  • Description: Instantly detonates attached bombs. Bomb damage increases with the number of attached bombs.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Damage: Skill Power x 200%
  • How to Use: Use Blast to trigger all attached bombs for maximum damage. Best used when multiple bombs are attached to a single target or in an area with many enemies.
Guided Landmine
  • Description: Places a Guided Landmine at the current location. The Guided Landmine will fly to an enemy within its detection range and attach to it.
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Damage: Skill Power x 170%
  • How to Use: Use Guided Landmine as a defensive tool to plant proximity mines. Ideal for setting traps and ambushing enemies.
Arche Explosion (Ultimate)
  • Description: Starts moving forward fast. On collision with an enemy while charging, inflicts Knockback. When the movement ends, deals damage to nearby enemies and removes buffs from them. After the skill ends, Esiemo enters Madness state.
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Damage: Skill Power x 250%
  • How to Use: Use Arche Explosion to charge into large groups of enemies, causing massive damage and stunning them. Best used as an opener in battles.
Adventitious Habit (Passive)
  • Description: Drops a bomb on the ground when the shield is completely depleted.
  • How to Use: Utilize this passive by strategically lowering your shields to trigger explosive bombs. Combine with Blast for additional damage.

How to Unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant

To unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant, you can either purchase him or research and craft him. If purchased, he will likely cost 600 Caliber, the game’s premium currency. To craft Esiemo, you will need the following materials:


1. Esiemo Enhanced Cells

  • Material 1 x500
  • Material 2 x300
  • Material 3 x200
  • Esiemo Enhanced Cell Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

2. Esiemo Stabilizer

  • Material 1 x400
  • Material 2 x250
  • Material 3 x150
  • Esiemo Stabilizer Blueprint x1
  • 200,000 Gold

3. Esiemo Spiral Catalyst

  • Material 1 x300
  • Material 2 x200
  • Material 3 x100
  • Esiemo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1

To craft Esiemo, speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area to access the Research Institute.

How to Play Esiemo in The First Descendant

Esiemo’s playstyle focuses on rotating through explosives, dealing damage, and planting traps to walk enemies into. Coordinate with your team to maximize the benefits of your skills and abilities.

  • Explosive Management: Use Time Bomb, Blast, and Guided Landmine to maximize damage and control the battlefield.
  • Movement and Positioning: Utilize Arche Explosion to engage enemies and disrupt their formations. Position your traps strategically for maximum effectiveness.
  • Survivability: Use Guided Landmine and Adventitious Habit to create defensive traps and deter enemies.

Best Modules for Esiemo in The First Descendant

Equip the following modules to optimize Esiemo’s performance:

  • Module 1: Boosts explosive damage and radius.
  • Module 2: Reduces cooldown on explosive abilities.
  • Module 3: Enhances survivability and shield recovery.
  • Module 4: Increases overall damage output.
  • Module 5: Improves energy regeneration and resource management.
Best Reactor Stats for Esiemo in The First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Esiemo in The First Descendant

The best reactors for Esiemo boost skill power and cooldown reduction. Prioritize reactors that enhance explosive damage and resource efficiency.

Best Weapons for Esiemo in The First Descendant

The ideal weapons for Esiemo include:

  • Weapon 1: High damage output with explosive capabilities.
  • Weapon 2: Enhances AOE damage and radius.

Best External Components for Esiemo in The First Descendant


For external components, prioritize the following stats to enhance Esiemo’s survivability and effectiveness:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Esiemo Story in The First Descendant

Unlike many of the other Descendants, Esiemo was born with his latent Arche abilities already showing potential. Even as a child, his body smelled of gunpowder, and occasional explosions could be caused by a sneeze. Though his parents loved him dearly, they realized that what was best for him was to enlist. Therefore, Esiemo’s parents reported his potential Arche ability to HQ. When the Magisters conducted additional tests, they discovered that the distinctive scent and excretions produced from his body were actually explosive Arche substances.

Consequently, this became the final conclusion: Esiemo would have to leave his parents and their quiet residential neighborhood, for everyone’s safety. His parents were incredibly proud of their son, and in turn, Esiemo has vowed to give both them and the military his very best.

The best way to play Esiemo is by rotating through your explosives, dealing damage, and planting traps to walk enemies into. Esiemo is a strong character who can create bombs on demand and also use himself as a tactical nuke. His gameplay rotation will likely alternate quite a bit between his Bomb and Landmine abilities and the Blast ability, which detonates those bombs.

Esiemo is an invaluable burst DPS character in The First Descendant, offering exceptional damage and crowd control capabilities. By mastering his skills and effectively managing explosives, players can maximize Esiemo’s potential and ensure their team’s success in even the most challenging battles. Whether you choose him as your starting character or unlock him later, Esiemo is a powerful asset to any team.