Executor – The First Descendant

The Colossi’s advanced technology provided endless inspiration not only for the Magisters but for all of Albion’s researchers. In particular, Executioner was used in many studies that involved improving a weapon’s performance through the use of electromagnetic force.

After researching the high conductivity of Executioner’s components and its energy efficiency, which proved much higher than was possible in Albion, they were able to collect the repulsive force of each firing of the weapon and store it in an electric battery.

While they succeeded in concentrating and utilizing some of the electric energy, it was nowhere near the power the Colossi could harness. The result was the creation of the Executor, a formidable shotgun designed for maximum impact and efficiency.

Type: Shotgun
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch

Abilities of Executor

Impending Judgement
Impending Judgement

The Executor shotgun is equipped with the unique ability called Impending Judgement, which enhances accuracy and attack power with each successive hit. On hitting the enemy with all bullets, it grants the unique ability Executor’s Exaltation. If all of the fired bullets do not hit enemies while this effect is active, it decreases the effect stage by -1. At the highest stage, firing a shot removes this effect, regardless of whether it hits a target or not. At the highest stage, it increases Firearm ATK on hit and inflicts Electrocution on the target enemy. When hitting an electrocuted enemy, it further increases Firearm ATK and applies this buff to the attack.

Basic Information
Hip Fire Accuracy -20%
Aimed Shot Accuracy -20%
Executor’s Exaltation
Duration 5s
Max Stacks 5
Accuracy 10%
Firearm Critical Hit Rate 6%
Accuracy per Stack 5%
Firearm Critical Hit Rate per Stack 8%
Firearm ATK at Max Stacks 30%
Duration 2.0s
Damage Interval 0.5s
Additional Damage Firearm Damage x 60.0%
DEF 3%
On hitting an Electrocuted enemy
Firearm ATK 5%

The Executor shotgun offers several advantages that make it a valuable asset in combat:

  • Increases accuracy with each hit, stackable up to five times.
  • Max stacks increase firearm attack power and inflict electrocution, significantly boosting damage output.
  • Rewards precision, making it ideal for skilled players.

Despite its strengths, the Executor shotgun has certain limitations:

  • Losing stacks if bullets miss can reduce effectiveness, requiring consistent accuracy to maintain benefits.

Best Characters for Executor

The following characters are best suited to wield the Executor shotgun due to their ability to maximize its potential:

Character Benefit
Bunny Can leverage the increased accuracy and electrocution effects for maximum damage.
Sharen Benefits greatly from the shotgun’s precision requirements, as she can cloak and get the full spread in one shot, fitting her build perfectly to debuff enemies.
Research Time
Obtaining the Executor shotgun requires a dedicated research period:
Research Time: 4 Hours
Acquiring this ultimate shotgun requires a significant investment:
Cost: 100k Gold
Required Mastery Rank
To unlock the Executor shotgun, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:
Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 15
Crafting the Executor shotgun necessitates gathering specific materials:
1 Executor Polymer Synctium
1 Executor Synthetic Fiber
1 Executor Nano Tube
1 Executor Blueprint
Executor is a powerful shotgun that rewards accuracy, increasing your attack power and inflicting electrocution on targets. It’s perfect for Bunny and Sharen, enhancing their damage output. You’ll need to hit all bullets to gain the benefit, and Sharen is the best use of this shotgun because she can cloak and get the full spread in one shot. Moreover, electrocuting will fit her build and help debuff enemies.
The Executor shotgun is an exceptional weapon designed for high-impact, precise combat in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to enhance their accuracy and damage output while utilizing elemental effects. With the right character and strategy, the Executor can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.