Freyna Build & Guide The First Descendant

Freyna is a damage-over-time (DOT) specialist in The First Descendant who uses her Arche affinity for poisons to drain her enemies’ HP. Her abilities inflict Poison, and her passive ability increases damage against poisoned targets. As one of the most consistent damage dealers, her gameplay loop involves applying Poison with abilities and swiftly eliminating enemies.


Freyna TFD

Feature Details
Role DOT Damage Dealer
Primary Skills Venom Trauma, Defense Mechanism, Decomposed Poison, Venomous Baptism
Passive Skill Contagion Links
Specialization Inflicting poison for sustained damage
Unlock Methods Can be purchased or crafted
Primary Strengths Consistent damage, great skill kit, massive AOE

Freyna Skills

Venom Trauma

Toxic Trauma.

  • Description: Throws poison to attack target enemy with damage and inflict Room 0 Trauma onto nearby enemies.
  • Cooldown: 11 seconds
  • MP Cost: 30
  • Damage: Skill Power x 196.2%
  • How to Use: Use Venom Trauma to inflict your primary target with Room 0 Trauma and poison nearby enemies. Ideal for single target debuff.
Defense Mechanism

Defense Mechanism.

  • Description: Gains Plague Bodyarmor for a certain period of time. Plague Bodyarmor increases DEF and has a chance to inflict Room 0 Trauma on the attacking enemy.
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • MP Cost: 40
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • How to Use: Use Defense Mechanism to increase DEF and inflict Poison on nearby enemies when attacked. Ideal for front line defense.
Decomposed Poison

Decomposed Poison.

  • Description: Throws toxins to create a Toxic Swamp. Enemies entering the Toxic Swamp receive continuous damage and become inflicted with Poison and Venom-Soaked.
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • MP Cost: 35
  • Duration: 12 seconds
  • How to Use: Use Decomposed Poison to create an AOE poison effect. Best for crowd control and spreading poison among enemies.
Venomous Baptism (Ultimate)

Venomous Baptism.

  • Description: Switches the equipped weapon to Venom Baptism. Enemies hit by Venom Baptism bullets receive damage and become inflicted with Room 0 Trauma.
  • Cooldown: 110 seconds
  • MP Cost: 55
  • Damage: Skill Power x 405.6% per shot
  • How to Use: Use Venomous Baptism in AOE fights or when low on ammo to keep damage high. Ideal for both AOE and single-target debuff.
Contagion Links (Passive)

Contagion Links (Passive).

  • Description: Increases Freyna’s Toxic Skill Power by the number of nearby enemies inflicted with Poison.
  • How to Use: Focus on poisoning as many targets as possible to increase your toxic skill power. Maximize the passive bonus by maintaining high uptime on poison debuffs.

How to Unlock Freyna in The First Descendant

To unlock Freyna in The First Descendant, you should speak with the Magister Anais in the Albion Mountains to conduct research with collected materials. Below are the required research/crafting materials for Freyna:


1. Freyna Enhanced Cells

  • Metal Accelerant x519
  • Semiconstant Plasma x290
  • Organic Biogel x31
  • Freyna Enhanced Cell Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

2. Freyna Stabilizer

  • Repton x422
  • Superfluid x571
  • Data Processing Neural Circuit x38
  • Freyna Stabilizer Blueprint x1
  • 200,000 Gold

3. Freyna Spiral Catalyst

  • Monad Shard x246
  • Hardener x386
  • Artificial Biometal x39
  • Freyna Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1

To craft Freyna, speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area to access the Research Institute.

How to Play Freyna in The First Descendant

Freyna’s playstyle focuses on debuffing as many enemies as possible to boost her passive toxic skill power and inflict continuous damage.

  • Explosive Management: Use Venom Trauma, Decomposed Poison, and Defense Mechanism to maximize AOE and single-target damage.
  • Movement and Positioning: Freyna’s mobility is average. Use Defense Mechanism to increase DEF and poison nearby enemies.
  • Survivability: In tight situations, rely on Defense Mechanism to grant temporary Bodyarmor and increase DEF.

Best Modules for Freyna in The First Descendant

Equip the following modules to optimize Freyna’s performance:

  • Contagion: Allows Room 0 Trauma to poison nearby enemies.
  • Toxic Specialist: Increases Toxic Skill Power Boost Ratio.
  • Toxic Master: Increases overall Toxic Skill Power.
  • Nimble Fingers: Reduces Skill Cooldown.
  • Strong Mentality: Reduces Resource Cost when using Skills.
Best Reactor Stats for Freyna in The First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Freyna in The First Descendant

The best reactors for Freyna boost Toxic and Tech skill power. Prioritize reactors that enhance overall skill power and efficiency.

Best Weapons for Freyna in The First Descendant

The ideal weapons for Freyna include:

  • Fallen Hope (Assault Rifle): Increases Firearm ATK and causes explosions when defeating poisoned enemies.
  • Python (Submachine Gun): Inflicts Prey debuff, lowering toxic resistance.
  • Enduring Legacy (Machine Gun): Increases Firearm ATK and vulnerability to status effects.

Best External Components for Freyna in The First Descendant


For external components, prioritize the following stats to enhance Freyna’s survivability and effectiveness:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Freyna Story in The First Descendant

Every single movement, however trivial, is considered classified for Albion Headquarters’ Special Forces, ‘Colon’.
Their identities are so heavily guarded, even mentioning their real names to one another was forbidden. Thus, they resorted to communicating through their code names, even within Albion.

This applied to Freyna, also known as ‘No. 6’, as well. Even with her long-time partner, ‘No. 9,’ or O’Neill, no names were ever used.
The moment they joined Colon, Freyna and O’Neill, who had been subsequently drafted into Colon after graduating from the military academy, were not allowed to call each other by their names.

‘Kill without hesitation.’ Under the teachings of the organization, Freyna carried out her given missions with impressive efficiency.
Regardless of who the target was, killing them came naturally to her. So much so, it became second nature to her, and in the process, any room for hesitation disappeared. That is, until the ‘Room 0 Incident’.

Intel was received that a Priest of the Order of Truth would be making an appearance to oversee the Vulgus experiments being carried out in Echo Swamp. Four agents, including Freyna and O’Neill, were deployed to assassinate them. Although everyone sustained injuries after unexpectedly encountering enemy forces, they were able to complete their mission. Upon their return, they entered ‘Room 0’, which could only be entered by the Colon, together with an officer and they reported the information they had gathered.

Freyna is a highly effective DOT character in The First Descendant, offering consistent damage and crowd control capabilities. By mastering her skills and effectively managing poison, players can maximize Freyna’s potential and ensure their team’s success in even the most challenging battles. Whether you choose her as your starting character or unlock her later, Freyna is a powerful asset to any team.