Greg’s Reversed Fate – The First Descendant

Albion researched Vulgus firearms in order to develop new weapons. This firearm was also taken from Vulgus for research purposes. During research, it was discovered that this firearm once belonged to Commander Greg of the Legion of Darkness. Even though it was a specialized bullet made specifically for this weapon, they were able to recognize it thanks to the meticulous records of the reconnaissance unit that tracked down enemy commanders and thanks to the records of the Colon Special Forces. According to those records, Greg worked his way up from a War Slave to a Commander. This was very rare, even in Vulgus. Perhaps that is the reason this weapon is called Greg’s Reversed Fate.

The Magisters’ goal was to convert the firearm so it could use common Albion ammunition. After much research, they succeeded in enhancing it so it could use .318 Magnum Rounds without sacrificing performance.

Greg’s Reversed Fate
Type: Tactical Rifle
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Greg’s Reversed Fate

Abilities of Greg’s Reversed Fate

Shaping Destiny
Shaping Destiny

Greg’s Reversed Fate is equipped with the unique ability called Shaping Destiny, which triggers powerful bombardments and inflicts burn damage. On hitting an enemy with a max shield, it procs Bombardment on the enemy’s location with a set chance. Enemies hit by Bombardment are inflicted with burn damage, creating a devastating combination of explosive and fire effects.

Basic Information
Hip Fire Accuracy -20%
Aimed Shot Accuracy -20%
Trigger Rate 30%
Damage Range Radius of 3.0 meters
Bombardment Count 3
Additional Damage Firearm Damage x 100%
Duration 3 seconds
Damage Interval 1 second
Additional Damage Firearm Damage x 10%

Greg’s Reversed Fate offers several advantages that make it a valuable asset in combat:

  • Procs Bombardment on enemies with max shields, creating a powerful area-of-effect (AOE) attack.
  • Inflicts burn damage on enemies hit by Bombardment, dealing continuous damage over time.
  • Effective for dealing with shielded enemies and groups, making it versatile in various combat scenarios.

Despite its strengths, Greg’s Reversed Fate has certain limitations:

  • Reduces hip fire accuracy by 20%, making it less effective in close-quarters combat.
  • Reduces aimed shot accuracy by 20%, which may affect long-range precision.

Best Characters for Greg’s Reversed Fate

The following characters are best suited to wield Greg’s Reversed Fate due to their ability to maximize its potential:


Character Benefit
Blair Can capitalize on the weapon’s special ability, leveraging burn effects to enhance damage output.
Research Time
Obtaining Greg’s Reversed Fate requires a dedicated research period:
Research Time: 4 Hours
Acquiring this ultimate tactical rifle requires a significant investment:
Cost: 100k Gold
Required Mastery Rank
To unlock Greg’s Reversed Fate, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:
Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 1
Crafting Greg’s Reversed Fate necessitates gathering specific materials:
1 Greg’s Reversed Fate Polymer Synctium
1 Greg’s Reversed Fate Synthetic Fiber
1 Greg’s Reversed Fate Nano Tube
1 Greg’s Reversed Fate Blueprint
Great for characters who can leverage burn effects and deal consistent damage, Greg’s Reversed Fate applies burn damage through Bombardment. Blair can capitalize on this weapon’s special ability, despite its accuracy penalties. Moreover, anyone that wants extra AOE damage to complement their build, such as Enzo and Yujin, can benefit from using this weapon to clean multiple enemies.
The Greg’s Reversed Fate is an exceptional tactical rifle designed for shielded enemies and crowd control in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to enhance their AOE damage and burn effects. With the right character and strategy, Greg’s Reversed Fate can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.