The First Descendant Kingston Field

The First Descendant Kingston Field is one of the initial and crucial areas players will explore in the game. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of Kingston Field, including its locations, quests, and tips for new players. By understanding the layout and objectives within Kingston Field, you can effectively progress through the early stages of The First Descendant.

The First Descendant Kingston Field.

What is Kingston Field in The First Descendant?

Key Features:
Kingston Field is a highlands area with a river running through it. This location is designed for players between levels 1 and 9, making it the perfect starting point for beginners to learn the game’s mechanics and progress through the initial quests.

  • Levels: Suitable for levels 1 to 9.
  • Scenic Environment: Highlands with a picturesque river.
  • Important Quests: Contains key quests essential for game progression.
  • Exploration: Various areas to explore and uncover secrets.

Key Locations in Kingston Field

Kingston Field is divided into several distinct areas, each with its own unique features and quests. Here’s a breakdown of the key locations within Kingston Field:

DestructionFallen TheaterGrand Square


The starting point for many players, Destruction is an area where you can get familiar with the basic controls and mechanics of the game.

  • Quests: Initial tutorials and beginner quests.
  • Enemies: Low-level enemies ideal for new players.
  • Environment: Ruined buildings and open fields.

Fallen Theater

A more challenging area compared to Destruction, Fallen Theater introduces players to more complex quests and slightly tougher enemies.

  • Quests: Intermediate quests with increased difficulty.
  • Enemies: Mid-level enemies that require strategy to defeat.
  • Environment: Abandoned theaters and dark alleyways.

Grand Square

The final area within Kingston Field, Grand Square features higher-level enemies and more advanced quests, preparing players for future challenges.

  • Quests: Advanced quests leading to significant story progress.
  • Enemies: Higher-level enemies that test your skills.
  • Environment: Grand plazas and central squares filled with enemies.

Quests and Progression in Kingston Field

Quests Overview

Starting Quests

When you first enter Kingston Field, you’ll encounter a series of beginner quests designed to introduce you to the game’s mechanics and storyline.

  • Basic Combat: Learn how to fight and use basic abilities.
  • Navigation: Understand how to use the mini-map and world map.
  • Interacting with NPCs: Complete simple tasks and errands for NPCs.

Intermediate Quests

As you progress, the quests become more challenging, requiring you to utilize the skills and knowledge you’ve gained.

  • Teamwork: Engage in quests that require coordination with other players.
  • Exploration: Discover hidden areas and secrets within Kingston Field.
  • Strategy: Use strategic thinking to overcome tougher enemies and obstacles.

Tips for Exploring Kingston Field

Exploration Tips

General Tips

To make the most of your time in Kingston Field, consider the following tips:

  1. Map Awareness: Frequently check your mini-map and world map to stay oriented and find quest locations easily.
  2. Resource Management: Collect resources and items from defeated enemies and environmental objects to help with crafting and upgrades.
  3. Level Appropriately: Ensure you are at the recommended level for each area to avoid unnecessary challenges.

Combat Tips

Combat in Kingston Field can vary based on the area and enemy types. Here are some general combat tips:

  1. Use Cover: Utilize environmental cover to avoid enemy attacks.
  2. Skill Rotation: Practice using your skills in effective combinations to maximize damage and efficiency.
  3. Enemy Weaknesses: Pay attention to enemy types and their weaknesses to exploit them in battle.

Rewards in Kingston Field

Completing quests and defeating enemies in Kingston Field will yield various rewards. These can include:

  • Experience Points (XP): Essential for leveling up your character.
  • Gear and Equipment: Obtain new weapons, armor, and other equipment to enhance your capabilities.
  • Materials: Collect materials needed for crafting and upgrading your gear.

Kingston Field in *The First Descendant* is a vital area for new players, offering a variety of quests, challenges, and rewards. By understanding the layout, progressing through the quests, and utilizing the tips provided, you can effectively navigate and conquer Kingston Field, setting a strong foundation for your journey in *The First Descendant*. Enjoy exploring, fighting, and advancing through this dynamic and engaging area!