Level Up Fast Guide The First Descendant

Welcome, Descendants! Leveling up in The First Descendant can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can reach level 40 quickly and efficiently. This guide will show you the fastest methods to level up your characters, optimize your gameplay, and ensure you’re always ahead of the curve. Let’s dive into the best ways to power level your characters in The First Descendant.

Level Up Fast Guide The First Descedant

Step-by-Step Guide to Level Up

Steps to Follow

1. Unlock Main Missions:

  • Progress through the main story missions to unlock Mind Blocking and Resource Defense in Kingston, Sterland, and Vespers.
  • Ensure you unlock these activities early to maximize your leveling potential.

2. Choose Your Activity:

  • Mind Blocking: Ideal for sustained XP farming with continuous waves of enemies.
  • Resource Defense: Provides a balanced approach to gaining XP and collecting valuable materials.

3. Join a Team:

  • Use the automatic matchmaking to join a group of players.
  • More players mean more enemies defeated and more XP gained.

4. Grind Waves:

  • Focus on killing as many enemies as possible during each wave.
  • Utilize your skills and abilities to maximize damage output and efficiency.

5. Dismantle and Upgrade:

  • Regularly dismantle items for materials.
  • Use these materials to upgrade your descendants and unlock new ones.

Overview of Fast Leveling Activities

In The First Descendant, two primary activities will help you level up quickly: Mind Blocking and Resource Defense. These activities are available in all three fields: Kingston, Sterland, and Vespers. The difficulty level of the enemies you face will vary depending on the location you choose.

Mind Blocking and Resource Defense

Mind Blocking and Resource Defense

Both activities function like a resistance mode, where waves of enemies continuously attack you. This setup is excellent for gaining XP because every kill whether by you or your teammates earns you experience points.

Key Benefits Details
Continuous Waves Provides constant XP opportunities
Automatic Matchmaking Team up with other players automatically
Material Rewards Dismantle items and collect morphis materials to unlock new descendants

Optimal Locations for Fast Leveling

Each field offers unique challenges and rewards:

Field Recommended For Key Points
Kingston Lower-level players Easier enemies, quick XP gains, recommended for beginners
Sterland Intermediate players Tougher enemies, better rewards, suitable for a moderate challenge
Vespers High-level players Highest level enemies, best rewards, requires teamwork

Detailed Strategies for Each Location

Kingston Strategy

  • Focus: Easier enemies for quick leveling.
  • Activities: Prioritize Mind Blocking.
  • Materials: Collect morphis materials to enhance your character’s abilities.

Sterland Strategy

  • Focus: Moderate challenge with better rewards.
  • Activities: Engage in Resource Defense.
  • Teamwork: Pair up with higher-level players to tackle tougher enemies.

Vespers Strategy

  • Focus: Highest level enemies with best rewards.
  • Activities: Requires a well-coordinated team.
  • Preparation: Ensure characters are well-equipped for maximum efficiency.

Pro Tips for Efficient Leveling

  1. Stick to Lower Levels Initially:
    • Start in Kingston to quickly gain levels with easier enemies.
  2. Challenge Yourself in Sterland:
    • Move to Sterland once you’re comfortable for better rewards.
  3. Maximize Team Play:
    • Playing with a team boosts your XP gain as every kill counts towards your total.
  4. Utilize Skill Upgrades:
    • Unlock and upgrade your skills to become more powerful and speed up the leveling process.

Advanced Techniques for Mastery Rank

Not only does this method help you level up your characters, but it also boosts your Mastery Rank, helping you achieve levels seven, eight, or nine.

Choosing the right activities and strategies in The First Descendant is crucial for leveling up quickly and efficiently. By focusing on Mind Blocking and Resource Defense, and selecting the appropriate field based on your level, you can maximize your XP gains and reach level 40 in no time. Remember to dismantle and upgrade regularly, and always play as part of a team for the best results. Good luck, Descendants, and may your journey be filled with victory!