Level Up Mastery Rank In The First Descendant

Mastery Rank is an integral part of The First Descendant, providing various boosts and enhancements that make your gameplay experience smoother and more rewarding. Unlike regular character leveling, Mastery Rank requires specific actions and understanding to maximize its potential.

Level Up Mastery Rank In The First Descendant.

How to Rank Up Mastery Level

To rank up your Mastery level, you must return to Albion, the central hub in The First Descendant. The process cannot be completed while out in the field.

Technique Description
Continuous Play Engage in multiple sessions of Mind Blocking or Resource Defense to keep gaining XP.
Upgrade Modules Regularly upgrade your weapons and gear with collected materials to increase efficiency.
Team Coordination Play with a consistent group to maximize XP gain and efficiency.

Visiting Prime Hands

Prime Hands, also known as the Arche Factor Manipulator, is located in the eastern portion of Albion, near the mailbox and Special Operations Terminal. This is where you will go to increase your Mastery Rank.

  1. Travel to Albion: Open your map and return to the Albion hub.
  2. Locate Prime Hands: Head to the eastern wing of Albion to find Prime Hands.
  3. Interact with Prime Hands: Select “Mastery Rank Up” to read about the game’s guide on Mastery. Confirm your rank up to reach the next level.

Mastery Rank Benefits

Mastery Rank provides several benefits that enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Increased Module Capacity: Every rank up increases the number of modules you can equip on your weapons and Descendants.
  • Additional Slots: Gain more slots for modules, allowing for more powerful and diverse builds.
  • Expanded Inventory: Each rank up increases your equipment inventory and storage slots, reducing the need to dismantle or sell items frequently.

Detailed Steps to Rank Up


Step 1: Gather Mastery Points

Earn Mastery points by completing missions, increasing weapon proficiency, and leveling up your character. Track your progress in the inventory menu, just below your character level.

Step 2: Travel to Albion

When you have enough points to rank up, travel back to Albion. Use the map to find your way back to the hub.

Step 3: Visit Prime Hands

Locate Prime Hands in the eastern wing of Albion. It’s marked on the map and easy to find once you know its location.

Step 4: Rank Up

Interact with Prime Hands and select the “Mastery Rank Up” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. A cutscene will confirm your rank up, and you can view your new benefits.

How to Gain Mastery Points


Completing Missions

One of the primary ways to gain Mastery points is by completing missions. This includes both main story missions and side quests. Each mission offers first-time completion rewards that contribute significantly to your Mastery Rank.

Increasing Weapon Proficiency

Using different weapons and increasing your proficiency with them also grants Mastery points. The more you diversify your weapon usage, the more Mastery points you can accumulate.

Character Leveling

Raising your character’s level naturally contributes to your Mastery Rank. Focus on efficient leveling strategies and utilize all the tools at your disposal to maximize your experience gain.

First-Time Completion Rewards

Repeating the same missions or defeating monsters won’t provide additional Mastery points. Instead, focus on first-time completion rewards for new missions and activities.

Tips for Efficient Mastery Rank Progression

Level Up Rank

Prioritize First-Time Completions

Focus on completing new missions and challenges to maximize your Mastery point gains. Avoid grinding the same missions repeatedly, as they won’t provide additional Mastery points.

Use a Variety of Weapons

Experiment with different weapons to increase your proficiency levels. This not only keeps the gameplay fresh but also contributes significantly to your Mastery Rank.

Manage Your Inventory

Regularly check and manage your inventory to ensure you have enough space for new items. Utilize your increased storage capacity effectively as you rank up.

Take Advantage of Boosters

If you’re looking to expedite your leveling process, consider using XP boosters available in the game’s shop. These can provide significant boosts to your experience gains over a set period.

Mastery Rank in The First Descendant is a vital component of your progression, providing numerous benefits that enhance your gameplay. By understanding how to gain Mastery points, efficiently ranking up, and leveraging the benefits of each rank, you can optimize your experience in the game. Follow this guide to make the most of your journey in The First Descendant and become a master in no time.