The First Descendant Multiplayer

The First Descendant, releasing on July 2, 2024, is generating a lot of excitement among gamers. With its engaging futuristic story and action-packed gameplay, many players are eager to know if this looter-shooter supports multiplayer. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about The First Descendant’s multiplayer features.

Is The First Descendant Multiplayer?

Yes, The First Descendant is a multiplayer game, but it’s strictly PvE (Player versus Environment). This means players do not compete against each other but rather join forces to tackle various challenges within the game. Nexon Games’ developers, Beomjun Lee and Minseok Joo, have confirmed that the game does not include a PvP (Player versus Player) mode.

Multiplayer Features in The First Descendant

The First Descendant offers a cooperative multiplayer experience where players can form teams of up to four members. Here are the key multiplayer features:

  1. Team-Based Boss Fights: Players can team up to face large bosses in intense battles, leveraging each other’s strengths and abilities.
  2. Void Intercept Battles: These are specialized battles where teams must work together to defeat powerful enemies.
  3. Consecutive Survival: Teams fight to survive against continuous waves of enemies for as long as possible.
  4. Consecutive Defense: Similar to Consecutive Survival, but with an added objective of defending a specific point or area.
  5. Campaign Co-op: The entire campaign can be played cooperatively, ensuring that challenging sections can be tackled with the help of friends.

How to Play Multiplayer in The First Descendant

Playing multiplayer in The First Descendant is straightforward:

  1. Ensure you and your friends have the game installed and updated.
  2. Create or join a team within the game’s multiplayer menu.
  3. Invite friends to your team via their gamer tags or in-game IDs.
  4. Select the desired game mode (e.g., Boss Fights, Void Intercept, etc.).
  5. Start the mission and enjoy cooperative gameplay!

TFD Multiplayer

The First Descendant Multiplayer FAQ

Can you play The First Descendant solo?

Yes, while The First Descendant is designed for cooperative play, it is possible to play solo. However, teaming up with friends enhances the experience and makes it easier to overcome difficult challenges.

Does The First Descendant have PvP modes?

No, The First Descendant focuses on a cooperative PvE experience, and there are no PvP modes available.

Can I join random players for multiplayer missions?

Yes, you can join or be matched with random players for multiplayer missions, making it easy to find a team even if your friends are not online.

The First Descendant offers a rich multiplayer experience that is fully cooperative, allowing players to team up and tackle a variety of PvE challenges. With multiple game modes and the ability to play the entire campaign with friends, it promises to be an engaging and dynamic experience for all players.