Is The First Descendant Pay to Win?

Whenever a new MMO hits the market, one of the first questions players have is whether it’s considered pay to win or not. In this article, we’ll explore whether The First Descendant falls into this category and what that means for players.

Can You Pay to Win in The First Descendant?

Unfortunately, The First Descendant does implement some pay-to-win tactics. However, it’s up to you whether or not you consider these tactics to be fully pay-to-win.

Understanding the Pay-to-Win Elements in The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, players can unlock new Descendants (which act as the game’s class system), XP Boosters, and items to bypass certain time barriers with real-life money. Additionally, cosmetics such as Descendant skins, weapon skins, and color palettes are available for purchase. Most of this content can be unlocked through the Premium Battle Pass, which costs Caliber, the in-game currency bought with real money. There’s also an in-game store selling various items for Caliber.

For instance, individual Descendants can be purchased directly from the store using Caliber. Without Caliber, players need to grind for materials to unlock each new Descendant, which can take hours per character. Similarly, Caliber can be used to buy XP Boosters, allowing players to bypass hours of grinding by spending money.

Impact on The First Descendant Gameplay

While The First Descendant includes elements of a pay-to-win system, it’s important to note that the game doesn’t feature any PvP (player vs player) combat. This means that pay-to-win items only affect your gameplay and do not give you an advantage over other players in competitive scenarios. Furthermore, every piece of content that can be bought with Caliber can also be unlocked through grinding, so the game does not lock players out of content if they don’t spend money.

Pay to Not Grind in The First Descendant

Some players might view this system as pay to not grind instead of pay to win. The availability of XP Boosters and other time-saving items means that players with enough money can level up their rank and Descendants much faster, gaining access to more content sooner than others. However, as long as The First Descendant does not lock any gameplay content, like Descendants or weapons, behind a paywall, the system in place can be considered fair for a free-to-play MMORPG.

TFD Pay to Win

While The First Descendant incorporates some pay-to-win elements, they are primarily focused on convenience and cosmetics. The lack of PvP combat ensures that these elements do not unfairly impact competitive gameplay. Players can still unlock all content through grinding, maintaining a level playing field for those who choose not to spend money. Ultimately, whether you view The First Descendant as pay-to-win depends on your perspective on convenience purchases in free-to-play games.