Piercing Light – The First Descendant

A chief consideration when developing a weapon to use with this new technology, called Dispel, was how accurately it could hit its target. In this regard, it was a matter of course that the sniper rifle used by the most skilled marksmen would be selected for the job.

In order to properly use the Dispel technique, Piercing Light uses special ammunition that can internally store energy. Called a Hollow Round, this bullet contains a special empty space to store energy. Inside is a battery. The energy created within the Dispel device that’s built-in to the firearm gets stored in this bullet and ultimately strikes the enemy. An enemy hit by this bullet will have their buffs neutralized and eliminated.

Piercing Light
Type: Sniper Rifle
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Piercing Light

Abilities of Piercing Light

Purification of Light
Purification of Light

Piercing Light is equipped with the unique ability called Purification of Light, which excels at debuffing enemies and enhancing critical damage. On hitting a weak point, it inflicts Dispel on the enemy with a set chance. When two or more enemies are hit by a single shot, there is a high chance to land a critical hit on the enemies while also increasing critical hit damage and applying this buff to the attack.

Basic Information
Recoil 40%
Penetration 180%
Trigger Rate 50%
Duration 1 second
Remove Buff 100%
On Hitting Two or More Enemies
Firearm Critical Hit Rate 100%
Firearm Critical Hit Damage Increased by 6%

Piercing Light offers several advantages that make it a valuable asset in combat:

  • Inflicts Dispel on weak point hits, removing buffs from enemies.
  • High chance for critical hits when hitting multiple enemies, significantly increasing damage output.
  • Enhances critical damage, making it highly effective for precision-based characters.

Despite its strengths, Piercing Light has certain limitations:

  • Requires precision to hit weak points and multiple targets, which may be challenging in fast-paced combat scenarios.
  • High recoil may affect accuracy, requiring skill to control.

Best Characters for Piercing Light

The following characters are best suited to wield Piercing Light due to their ability to maximize its potential:

Character Benefit
All Characters Can benefit from Piercing Light’s precision and debuffing capabilities, making it a versatile weapon for any build.
Bunny Especially effective due to her ability to capitalize on critical hits and precision shots.
Research Time
Obtaining Piercing Light requires a dedicated research period:
Research Time: 4 Hours
Acquiring this ultimate sniper rifle requires a significant investment:
Cost: 100k Gold
Required Mastery Rank
To unlock Piercing Light, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:
Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 15
Crafting Piercing Light necessitates gathering specific materials:
1 Piercing Light Polymer Synctium
1 Piercing Light Synthetic Fiber
1 Piercing Light Nano Tube
1 Piercing Light Blueprint
Piercing Light excels at precision and debuffing, making it effective for any character. Its ability to remove foe buffs and enhance critical damage is invaluable in combat. This sniper rifle’s unique abilities make it a top choice for players looking to maximize their damage output and strategic advantage in The First Descendant.
The Piercing Light is an exceptional sniper rifle designed for precision and debuffing in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to enhance their combat effectiveness through strategic targeting and buff removal. With the right character and strategy, Piercing Light can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.