Secret Garden – The First Descendant

It’s known as the firearm that Albion’s famous weapon developer created for the gardener who saved his life. In fact, the blueprint for this weapon was never revealed to the world. It was only discovered later while someone was cleaning the Weapons Development Department storage area.

At first, it was mistaken as something created purely for fun due to its overly elaborate appearance. However, when the Magisters inspected it closely, they realized it held great power and began to develop it further. According to a story found later within the developer’s notes, the weapon was designed to resemble the beautiful roses that bloomed in the garden of the man who saved his life.

Secret Garden
Type: Tactical Rifle
Rarity: Ultimate
Introduced: Launch
Secret Garden

Abilities of Secret Garden


Secret Garden is equipped with the unique ability called Gardener, which enhances resource recovery and boosts attack power. When using a Dimension skill, it recovers Custom Resource with a set chance. When using a Tech skill, it grants the unique ability Pest Control with a set chance, increasing firearm attack and skill power.

Basic Information
Skill Cost Reduced by 20%
Custom Resource Recovery on Dimension Skill Use
Recovery 10%
Pest Control Trigger Rate on Tech Skill Use
Trigger Rate 30%
Duration 5 seconds
Max Stacks 3
Firearm ATK Increase
Base 5%
Per Stack 12%
Skill Power Increase
Base 5%
Per Stack 12%

Secret Garden offers several advantages that make it a valuable asset in combat:

  • Recovers custom resources when using Dimension skills, enhancing resource management.
  • Grants Pest Control on using Tech skills, increasing firearm attack and skill power, boosting overall combat effectiveness.
  • Versatile for characters who frequently use Dimension or Tech skills, making it adaptable to various playstyles.

Despite its strengths, Secret Garden has certain limitations:

  • Depends on skill usage for maximum effectiveness, requiring strategic use of Dimension and Tech skills.

Best Characters for Secret Garden

The following characters are best suited to wield Secret Garden due to their ability to maximize its potential:

Character Benefit
Ajax Can utilize the resource recovery and attack buffs to enhance his defensive and offensive capabilities.
Kyle Benefits from the increased skill power and firearm attack, making him more versatile in combat.
Blair Can leverage the custom resource recovery and Pest Control buffs for improved combat performance.
Jayber Uses the tactical advantages of resource recovery and enhanced attack power effectively.
Viessa Maximizes the weapon’s abilities to boost her skill power and firearm attack.
Research Time
Obtaining Secret Garden requires a dedicated research period:
Research Time: 4 Hours
Acquiring this ultimate tactical rifle requires a significant investment:
Cost: 100k Gold
Required Mastery Rank
To unlock Secret Garden, players must achieve a certain level of mastery:
Required Mastery Rank: Research available at Rank 15
Crafting Secret Garden necessitates gathering specific materials:
1 Secret Garden Polymer Synctium
1 Secret Garden Synthetic Fiber
1 Secret Garden Nano Tube
1 Secret Garden Blueprint
Secret Garden is ideal for characters who frequently use Dimension or Tech skills. Ajax, Blair, and Kyle can make the most out of its resource recovery and attack buffs, enhancing their overall performance in battle. Look in your Descendant character screen for your Descendant attribute to learn about your character.
The Secret Garden is an exceptional tactical rifle designed for resource recovery and attack enhancement in The First Descendant. Its advanced abilities and impressive stats make it a top choice for players looking to maximize their combat effectiveness through strategic use of Dimension and Tech skills. With the right character and strategy, Secret Garden can turn the tide of battle and secure victory.