The First Descendant Steam Deck

The First Descendant, the highly anticipated looter shooter from Nexon, is finally here. With its vast battles and unique characters, many players are eager to know how well it runs on the Steam Deck. This guide provides all the information you need to optimize your gaming experience on Valve’s handheld device.

Is The First Descendant Playable on Steam Deck?

Yes, The First Descendant is playable on the Steam Deck. Initially, there were some compatibility issues, particularly related to missing Visual C++ Redistributables. However, these were resolved with a quick fix. Despite not having an official Steam Deck rating from Valve yet, the game performs well with some adjustments to the settings.

Fixing The First Descendant Initial Compatibility Issues on SteamDeck

If you encounter issues launching The First Descendant on your Steam Deck due to missing Visual C++ Redistributables, here’s a simple fix:

  1. Switch to the Steam Deck’s Desktop Mode.
  2. Install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables.
  3. Add the executables to the game’s launch options in Steam.

For a detailed tutorial, you can refer to YouTuber JD Ros’ video on fixing these compatibility issues.

Recommended Settings for The First Descendant on Steam Deck

To ensure smooth gameplay and avoid being kicked from missions due to technical instability, it’s crucial to optimize your settings. Here are the recommended settings:

Setting Recommendation
Ray Tracing Off
FSR Quality
Visibility Medium
Anti-Aliasing Medium
Post Processing Medium
Shadows Low
Global Illumination Low
Reflections Low
Textures Medium
Effects Low
Vegetation Low
Shader Quality Medium
Object Low
Physics Medium
Motion Blur Off

TFD Steam Deck

The First Descendant Steam Deck Performance Insights

With the above settings, The First Descendant can achieve 30-40fps in most areas on the Steam Deck. In more demanding areas, the framerate might drop to the mid-thirties. Using AMD’s FSR on the Quality setting helps maintain a higher resolution look while keeping performance stable.

Enabling FSR 3 frame generation can push the framerate to 40-50fps, but it may introduce noticeable input lag and stuttering. Therefore, it is generally recommended to keep this setting off for a smoother experience.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Steam Deck while playing The First Descendant varies. On the Steam Deck OLED model, you can expect around 2 hours and 15 minutes of gameplay, while the original LCD model offers about 1 hour and 17 minutes. Given the intensity of the game, managing your battery life by optimizing settings is crucial.

While The First Descendant is not officially rated for Steam Deck compatibility by Valve, it runs quite well with the appropriate settings. By following the recommended configurations and staying informed about potential fixes, you can enjoy this exciting looter shooter on the go.