The First Descendant Sterile Land Field

Sterile Land Field in The First Descendant is a challenging and hazardous area that offers unique experiences and rewards. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of Sterile Land Field, including its locations, quests, and strategies for survival. By understanding the layout and objectives within Sterile Land Field, you can effectively navigate and progress through this dangerous environment.

The First Descendant Sterile Land Field.

What is Sterile Land Field in The First Descendant?

Key Features:
Sterile Land Field is a barren rocky desert with a canyon and pools of toxic waste. This location is designed for players between levels 10 and 21, providing a significant step up in difficulty and complexity compared to earlier areas.

  • Levels: Suitable for levels 10 to 21.
  • Hazardous Environment: Barren desert with toxic waste pools.
  • Important Quests: Contains key quests essential for game progression.
  • Exploration: Various areas to explore and uncover secrets.

Key Locations in Sterile Land Field

Sterile Land Field is divided into several distinct areas, each with its own unique features and quests. Here’s a breakdown of the key locations within Sterile Land Field:

RockfallRepositoryRestricted ZoneThe IronworksClassified Area


Rockfall is an area characterized by its treacherous terrain and rocky obstacles, challenging players to navigate carefully.

  • Quests: Various quests that require careful navigation and strategic thinking.
  • Enemies: Mid-level enemies with increased difficulty.
  • Environment: Rocky terrain with many obstacles.


Repository serves as a key area for resource gathering and quests focused on collecting valuable items.

  • Quests: Resource collection and item retrieval quests.
  • Enemies: Enemies guarding valuable resources.
  • Environment: Resource-rich area with guarded sections.

Restricted Zone

The Restricted Zone is a heavily guarded area with high-level enemies and significant challenges.

  • Quests: High-risk, high-reward quests with tough enemies.
  • Enemies: High-level enemies with powerful attacks.
  • Environment: Heavily guarded and restricted access.

The Ironworks

The Ironworks is an industrial area filled with machinery and mechanical enemies, posing unique challenges.

  • Quests: Industrial-themed quests involving machinery and engineering.
  • Enemies: Mechanical enemies with unique attack patterns.
  • Environment: Industrial setting with complex machinery.

Classified Area

The Classified Area is a secretive section of Sterile Land, containing hidden quests and rare rewards.

  • Quests: Secretive quests with rare rewards.
  • Enemies: Unique enemies that guard valuable items.
  • Environment: Hidden and secretive areas requiring exploration.

Quests and Progression in Sterile Land Field

Quests Overview

Intermediate Quests

Sterile Land Field introduces players to intermediate quests that are more challenging and require advanced tactics.

  • Advanced Combat: Engage in more complex combat scenarios.
  • Resource Management: Collect and manage resources effectively to progress.
  • Strategic Planning: Use strategic planning to overcome tougher enemies and obstacles.

High-Risk Quests

As you progress, the quests in Sterile Land Field become riskier, offering higher rewards but also greater challenges.

  • High-Level Enemies: Face off against tougher and more aggressive enemies.
  • Critical Objectives: Complete critical objectives that significantly impact your progress.
  • Rare Rewards: Earn rare and valuable rewards for successful completion.

Tips for Surviving Sterile Land Field

Survival Tips

General Tips

To thrive in the harsh environment of Sterile Land Field, consider the following tips:

  1. Stay Alert: Be constantly aware of your surroundings to avoid environmental hazards and enemy ambushes.
  2. Resource Gathering: Collect resources from the environment to aid in crafting and upgrades.
  3. Level Appropriately: Ensure your character is at the recommended level to handle the challenges of each area.

Combat Tips

Combat in Sterile Land Field can be intense and requires effective strategies. Here are some general combat tips:

  1. Use Terrain to Your Advantage: Utilize the rocky terrain for cover and strategic positioning.
  2. Effective Skill Use: Employ your skills effectively to deal with groups of enemies and tougher opponents.
  3. Exploit Weaknesses: Identify and exploit enemy weaknesses to maximize damage.

Rewards in Sterile Land Field

Completing quests and defeating enemies in Sterile Land Field will yield various rewards. These can include:

  • Experience Points (XP): Essential for leveling up your character.
  • Gear and Equipment: Obtain new weapons, armor, and other equipment to enhance your capabilities.
  • Materials: Collect materials needed for crafting and upgrading your gear.

Sterile Land Field in The First Descendant is a challenging and hazardous area that offers significant rewards for those who can navigate its dangers. By understanding the layout, progressing through the quests, and utilizing the tips provided, you can effectively conquer Sterile Land Field and advance your journey in The First Descendant. Stay alert, plan strategically, and enjoy the rewarding challenges of Sterile Land Field.