Valby Build & Guide The First Descendant

Valby is an area (AOE) damage dealer in The First Descendant who uses her water abilities to maneuver around the battlefield, deal damage, and evade enemy fire. She’s an excellent choice for players seeking a character with strong damage output and good survivability. Due to her focus on AOE abilities, Valby excels against groups of enemies but is less effective against bosses. Mastering Valby involves understanding the nuances of her abilities and applying attack and movement strategies thoughtfully.


Valby TFD

Feature Details
Role AOE Damage Dealer
Primary Skills Bubble Bullet, Plop Plop, Clean Up, Laundry Bomb
Passive Skill Water Intake
Specialization Using puddles to damage over time and regen resources
Unlock Methods Purchase from store or research
Primary Strengths High Mobility, Pre-Stack Damage, Multiple Status Effects

Valby Skills

Bubble Bullet

Bubble Bullet.

  • Description: Bounces a Bubble Bullet forward to create a small puddle where the Bubble Bullet impacts and where she stands. Enemies in the small puddle take continuous damage and are inflicted with Laundry.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • MP Cost: 30
  • AOE Damage: Skill Power x 413.4%
  • Effect Range: 1.5 meters Radius
  • How to Use: Valby’s primary skill to trigger puddles and Laundry status effects. Use this skill for damage and status effects on multiple enemies.
Plop Plop

Plop Plop.

  • Description: Creates a large puddle where Valby is standing, then dives in. Valby then pops out at a selected location in the large puddle. Enemies in the large puddle take continuous damage and are inflicted with Laundry.
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • MP Cost: 42
  • Effect Range: 9-meter Radius
  • How to Use: Use Plop Plop as an escape mechanism, debuff, and gap closer. This skill creates a large puddle dealing continuous damage over its duration.
Clean Up

Clean Up.

  • Description: Valby becomes Liquefied. While Liquefied, she cannot take her feet off of the ground or use skills, but she can move through enemies and her Movement Speed and DEF increase. When moving while Liquefied, she creates a path of water that deals continuous damage to enemies and inflicts Laundry.
  • Cooldown: 22 seconds
  • MP Cost: 40
  • How to Use: Use this skill as a mobility tool, debuff, speed boost, and defensive increase. Move through enemies to debuff them and escape or charge into battle.
Laundry Bomb

Laundry Bomb.

  • Description: Changes the equipped weapon to the Laundry Bomb Launcher. When the Launcher is fired, a Laundry Bomb is created, pulling in enemies inflicted with Laundry and dealing continuous damage.
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • MP Cost: 10
  • How to Use: Debuff enemies with the Laundry status effect before using this skill. Drop the bomb when they are debuffed to maximize damage.
Water Intake (Passive)
  • Description: When using skills while standing on water, she consumes less Mana.
  • How to Use: This passive incentivizes standing within puddles to decrease MP cost, allowing for continuous skill usage.

How to Unlock Valby in The First Descendant

To unlock Valby in The First Descendant, you must either purchase her from the store or research her. If you choose to purchase Valby, she will cost 600 Caliber, which is the premium currency. Otherwise, to craft Valby, you will need:


1. Valby Enhanced Cells

  • Repton x422
  • Superfluid x571
  • Data Processing Neural Circuit x38f
  • Valby Enhanced Cell Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

2. Valby Stabilizer

  • Monad Shard x246
  • Compound Coating Material x239
  • Negative Ion Particle x4
  • Valby Stabilizer Blueprint x1
  • 200,000 Gold

3. Valby Spiral Catalyst

  • Metal Accelerant x519
  • Hardener x386
  • Encrypted Neural Circuit x31
  • Valby Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1

To craft Valby, speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area to access the Research Institute.

How to Play Valby in The First Descendant

Valby’s playstyle focuses on standing in water to conserve mana while ensuring enemies within puddles take continuous damage.

  • Explosive Management: Use Bubble Bullet and Plop Plop to create large puddles for continuous damage.
  • Movement and Positioning: Utilize Clean Up for movement and evasion while creating water paths for debuffing enemies.
  • AOE Strategy: Valby excels at AOE damage, making her effective against groups. Use Laundry Bomb to pull in and damage multiple enemies simultaneously.

Best Modules for Valby in The First Descendant

Equip the following modules to optimize Valby’s performance:

  • Water Play: Bubble Bullet skill conversion for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Skill Expansion: Increases skill effect range.
  • Skill Extension: Increases skill duration.
  • Increased HP: Boosts maximum HP.
  • MP Accelerant: Increases skill duration and maximum MP.
Best Reactor Stats for Valby in The First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Valby in The First Descendant

The best reactors for Valby boost Skill Power and Sub Attack Power. Prioritize reactors that enhance Dimension or Fusion skills for maximum effectiveness.

Best Weapons for Valby in The First Descendant

The ideal weapons for Valby include:

  • Thunder Cage: High rate of fire and overcharge bonus for extra AOE damage.
  • Blue Beetle: Versatile scout rifle for medium-range applications.
  • Afterglow Sword: Excellent for weak point (headshot) damage.

Best External Components for Valby in The First Descendant


For external components, prioritize the following stats to enhance Valby’s survivability and effectiveness:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Valby Story in The First Descendant

Valby is a dealer of continuous damage who moves around freely through her Water Arche. A terrifying torrent to her enemies, she’s always a refreshing ocean wave to her teammates.

Valleys, oceans, and lakes that are drying…As a member of Ingris Environment Watch, Valby was always saddened to see Mother Nature become polluted by war. When she traveled outside Albion on pollution investigation missions, she saw rivers in Ingris disappearing one after another. The White-night Valley, where the sun never set, was now a gulch, and the Echo Plains had long turned into a swamp because of the Vulgus Kuiper mining…

From the way things were going, would there even be a place left where humanity could live in peace if they won the war? She wondered, “Was that why?” Valby found a shimmering lake somewhere in the Vespers Woodland. Calling it the ‘Last Emerald,’ she swore to protect this small glimmer of hope. Making it a home for plants and animals so that the ecosystem of Ingris could be restored… To Valby, the Last Emerald was truly her last hope.

But in times like these, hope was such a fragile gem. On that fateful day, Valby was gazing out over the lake as usual when she encountered the Order of Truth that entered into Vespers Woodland… Having completed advanced military training, Valby fought off the Vulgus, as well as requesting support from the Descendant Corps. But the lack of an Arche teleportation device in the area meant that help was delayed, leaving Valby no choice but to defend the lake alone. However, even the lowest-ranked Vulgus was too much for a non-Descendant. After being brutally attacked, Valby was thrown into the lake.

Valby is an invaluable character in The First Descendant, offering exceptional AOE damage and mobility. By mastering her skills and effectively managing cooldowns, players can maximize Valby’s potential and ensure their team’s success in even the most challenging battles. Whether you choose her as your starting character or unlock her later, Valby is a powerful asset to any team.