Viessa Build & Guide The First Descendant

Players who enjoy ice-themed characters with crowd control and status effect damage will find Viessa delightful to use. Viessa excels as a debuff character, making her a great choice for players who like to team up with friends for leveling and progression. However, if you prefer to play The First Descendant solo, missions, leveling, and acquiring mods will be more challenging with Viessa due to her lower solo damage output.



Feature Details
Role Debuff and Crowd Control
Primary Skills Frost Shards, Frost Road, Cold Snap, Blizzard
Passive Skill Ice Sphere
Specialization Applying Ice Shackle for debuff and crowd control
Unlock Methods Starter character, purchase, or research and craft later
Primary Strengths Crowd Control, Debuff Skills, Passive Damage

Viessa Skills

Frost Shards

Frost Shards.

  • Description: Fires Frost Shards to damage enemies and deal AOE damage to nearby enemies. Inflicts Ice Shackle.
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • MP Cost: 25
  • Ice Shackle Effect: Increases by 1 stage when hit or by 2 stages if hit by the exploding area
  • Damage: Skill Power x 863.6%
  • AOE Damage: Skill Power x 863.6%
  • AOE Damage Range: 3.5-meter radius
  • How to Use: Aim this skill at a pack of enemies; the 3.5-meter radius explosion can further boost your ice shackle stacks.
Frost Road

Frost Road.

  • Description: Increases Movement Speed and Shield, and creates Ice Sheets on the ground that inflict Ice Shackle.
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • MP Cost: 24
  • Duration: 16 seconds
  • Effect Range: 1.6m x 2m
  • Movement Speed Increase: 30%
  • Shield Increase: 10%
  • Ice Shackle Effect: Increases by 2 stages on contact
  • How to Use: Use this for mobility and increasing ice shackle stacks. Ideal for a quick escape or shield boost.
Cold Snap

Cold Snap.

  • Description: Deals Chill damage to enemies in front of Viessa and inflicts Ice Shackle.
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • MP Cost: 22
  • Ice Shackle Effect: Increases by 2 stages on damage.
  • Damage: Skill Power x 1084.4%
  • Effect Range: 10m x 3m
  • How to Use: A powerful frontal AOE damage skill, perfect for hitting many targets and building Ice Shackle stacks.


  • Description: Creates a snowstorm that explodes over time, inflicting damage and Ice Shackle on enemies caught within.
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds
  • MP Cost: 38
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Ice Shackle Effect: Increases by 3 stages when hit or by 4 stages if hit by the exploding area.
  • Continuous Damage: Skill Power x 1,423.5%
  • Damage Interval: 2 seconds
  • AOE Damage: Skill Power x 1,830.2%
  • AOE Damage Range: 6-meter Radius
  • How to Use: Use Blizzard during AOE fights or boss battles for maximum damage and Ice Shackle stack building.
Ice Sphere (Passive)

Ice Sphere (Passive).

  • Description: Creates an Ice Sphere floating around her body when inflicting enemies with the Ice Shackle effect, proportional to the effect stage. The Ice Sphere will automatically fly towards nearby enemies and deal damage to the target and its surroundings.
  • How to Use: Focus on building Ice Shackle stacks to trigger Ice Sphere, providing free DPS and significantly increasing your kill potential.

How to Unlock Viessa in The First Descendant

To unlock Viessa in The First Descendant, choose her as your starting character, purchase her from the store, or research and craft her later. If you choose another character at the start, you will need to gather the following materials to craft Viessa:


1. Viessa Enhanced Cells

  • Repton x422
  • Semiconstant Plasma x290
  • Fusion Plasma Battery x35
  • Viessa Enhanced Cell Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

2. Viessa Stabilizer

  • Compound Coating Material x239
  • Monomolecular Extractor x499
  • Common Carbon Activator x15
  • Viessa Stabilizer Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

3. Viessa Spiral Catalyst

  • Superfluid x571
  • Hardener x3867
  • Synthesized Artificial Biometal x88
  • Viessa Spiral Catalyst Blueprint

To craft Viessa, speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area to access the Research Institute.

How to Play Viessa in The First Descendant

Viessa's playstyle focuses on building stacks of Ice Shackle for increased damage and movement speed. Rotate through your skills to maximize Ice Shackle stacks and release them for massive AOE damage.

  • Frost Shards: Use for single target and AOE damage, building Ice Shackle stacks.
  • Frost Road: Boosts movement speed and shield, creating Ice Sheets that inflict Ice Shackle.
  • Cold Snap: Frontal AOE damage, increasing Ice Shackle stacks.
  • Blizzard: Long cooldown, high damage AOE skill for maximum Ice Shackle stack building.

Best Modules for Viessa in The First Descendant

Equip the following modules to optimize Viessa’s performance:

  • Hypothermy: Replaces Ice Shackle with Ice Needle, dealing continuous damage instead of slowing enemies.
  • Nimble Fingers: Reduces Skill Cooldowns.
  • Skill Extension: Improves Skill Durations.
  • Skill Expansion: Increases Skill Effect Range.
  • Chill Specialist: Boosts the power of Chill Skills.
Best Reactor Stats for Viessa in The First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Viessa in The First Descendant

The best reactors for Viessa boost fusion and chill damage. Prioritize reactors that enhance these attributes for maximum effectiveness.

Best Weapons for Viessa in The First Descendant

The ideal weapons for Viessa include:

  • Clairvoyance: Can trigger Frostbite on a beam hit, aiding in action speed and duration.
  • Blue Beetle: Increases critical hit rate when using fusion skills.
  • Secret Garden: Triggers Pest Control, boosting Firearm ATK and skill power.

Best External Components for Viessa in The First Descendant


For external components, prioritize the following stats to enhance Viessa’s survivability and effectiveness:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Viessa Story in The First Descendant

Hailing from Albion’s underbelly, Viessa was a runner for a smuggling gang that brought in banned goods from the old, abandoned lands. During those years, Viessa was known for her ability to bring in items that were more luxurious and expensive than what the other gang members brought in.

Viessa’s sphere of activity was a city that was frozen a century ago by a Colossus called the DeadBride. The place was eerie, filled with frozen corpses and the fallen Colossus, but items deemed expensive have been preserved, remaining intact. Moreover, because of the cold, the other gang members couldn’t even get near it. But for her, it was her own paradise; she couldn’t understand why everyone would shiver so much in the cold.

Viessa is an invaluable debuff and crowd control character in The First Descendant. By mastering her skills and effectively managing Ice Shackle stacks, players can maximize Viessa's potential and ensure their team's success in even the most challenging battles. Whether you choose her as your starting character or unlock her later, Viessa is a powerful asset to any team.