Void Fragments in The First Descendant

In the immersive world of The First Descendant, players encounter various resources essential for progression. Among these, Void Fragments stand out as a unique and challenging element. This guide will delve into what Void Fragments are, where to find them, and strategies to effectively destroy them for valuable rewards.

What Are Void Fragments in The First Descendant?

Void Fragments are special items scattered across the game’s map in The First Descendant. Unlike typical resources that can be collected directly, Void Fragments require a specific approach to be obtained. They appear as glowing, ethereal objects, and players must engage in a multi-phase process to destroy them and claim the rewards within.

How to Find Void Fragments in The First Descendant?

Finding Void Fragments involves exploring different regions of the game map. These fragments are often located in areas guarded by formidable enemies, adding an extra layer of challenge. Players can use in-game maps and guides to pinpoint exact locations, ensuring they are prepared for the encounters that await.

Void Fragments in The First Descendant

Strategies for Destroying Void Fragments

Destroying a Void Fragment is not a straightforward task. Each fragment is protected by three distinct health bars, representing three phases of destruction. When a player starts attacking a Void Fragment, the first health bar begins to deplete. As each bar is reduced, a wave of enemies spawns, increasing in strength with each subsequent phase. To successfully destroy a Void Fragment, players must:

  1. Equip strong weapons and armor to handle the escalating difficulty.
  2. Use crowd control abilities to manage the enemy waves efficiently.
  3. Coordinate with teammates to distribute the load and provide support during tougher waves.

During my gameplay in The First Descendant, I found that destroying these fragments required not just brute force, but also strategic planning. Each time a health bar was diminished, I faced progressively stronger enemy waves. It was crucial to stay vigilant and adapt my tactics to overcome these challenges.

Challenges and Enemy Waves of Void Fragments

Each Void Fragment’s destruction process involves facing multiple waves of enemies. These waves are triggered as the fragment’s health bars are depleted. The enemies vary in type and strength, demanding players to adjust their strategies accordingly. The first wave might be manageable, but as you progress, the enemies become more aggressive and harder to defeat.

In my experience, the key was to keep moving and use the environment to my advantage. Finding cover and using high-ground positions helped mitigate the impact of enemy attacks. Additionally, having a well-rounded team with diverse abilities made it easier to tackle the stronger waves.

Rewards for Destroying Void Fragments in The First Descendant

Upon successfully destroying a Void Fragment, players are rewarded with various in-game items. These rewards include experience points, weapons, modules, and Void Shards. The variety of rewards makes the effort worthwhile, offering significant boosts to a player’s progression.

For instance, after destroying a particularly tough Void Fragment, I received a rare weapon and several Void Shards. These items not only enhanced my character’s abilities but also provided materials for further upgrades, making future encounters slightly easier.

Tips and Additional Tricks

To maximize success in finding and destroying Void Fragments, consider the following tips:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your character is well-equipped with upgraded weapons and armor.
  2. Team Coordination: Work closely with your team to manage enemy waves effectively.
  3. Use Abilities Wisely: Save powerful abilities for the more challenging waves of enemies.
  4. Environment Utilization: Use the terrain to your advantage to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
  5. Stay Mobile: Constant movement helps in avoiding enemy attacks and reducing the risk of being overwhelmed.

Mastering Void Fragments

Mastering the process of finding and destroying Void Fragments in The First Descendant is a rewarding endeavor. The combination of strategic planning, team coordination, and effective combat tactics ensures success in overcoming these challenges. With each destroyed fragment, players gain valuable rewards that significantly contribute to their overall progression in the game.

In summary, Void Fragments add an exciting layer of complexity to The First Descendant. By understanding their mechanics and employing the right strategies, players can enhance their gaming experience and achieve greater success in this captivating world.