Void Intercept Battles Guide in The First Descendant

Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant are among the most challenging and rewarding activities in the game. These battles pit players against powerful Colossus bosses, offering valuable rewards essential for progression. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Void Intercept Battles, including their mechanics, how to unlock them, strategies for success, and the rewards you can earn.

Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant.

What Are Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant?

Key Features:

Void Intercept Battles are special missions where players must eliminate a powerful Colossus boss. Each mission features a specific boss, which remains consistent and does not change between playthroughs. These battles are accessible from the mission select map and are divided into normal and hard difficulties.

  • Fixed Bosses: Each mission has a predetermined boss.
  • Unlockable: These missions are locked initially and require specific conditions to unlock.
  • High Difficulty: These are some of the most challenging missions in the game.
  • Rare Rewards: Successful completion can yield rare and ultimate quality Reactors, Modules, and Amorphous Materials.

How to Unlock Void Intercept Battles?

To participate in Void Intercept Battles, players must progress through the main story and complete certain quests. Here’s how to unlock them:

Normal DifficultyHard Difficulty

Normal Difficulty Missions

Normal difficulty missions unlock at various points during the main storyline.

Battle Level Requirements
Grave Walker 10 Complete “Humanity’s Scourge” Quest
Stunning Beauty 22 Complete “Mysterious Attraction” Quest
Executioner 34 Complete “Void Radar Upgrade” Quest
Dead Bride 44 Complete “The Consequences of Jeremy’s Actions”
Devourer 54 Complete “Continuing Threat” Quest
Pyromaniac 66 Complete “Karel’s Trap” Quest
Swamp Walker 82 Complete “Turning Crisis Into Opportunity” Quest
Hanged Man 94 Complete “A Certain Prologue” Quest

Hard Difficulty Missions

Hard difficulty missions unlock by defeating the previous Void Intercept boss at least once.

Battle Level Requirements
Executioner 102 Complete “Colossi from Another Dimension” Quest
Dead Bride 106 Complete “Intercept Battle: Executioner” Quest
Devourer 110 Complete “Intercept Battle: Dead Bride” Quest
Pyromaniac 114 Complete “Intercept Battle: Devourer” Quest
Swamp Walker 118 Complete “Intercept Battle: Pyromaniac” Quest
Obstructer 122 Complete “Intercept Battle: Swamp Walker” Quest
Frost Walker 126 Complete “Intercept Battle: Obstructer” Quest
Molten Fortress 130 Complete “Intercept Battle: Frost Walker” Quest

Preparing for Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant


Equipment and Build

To succeed in Void Intercept Battles, especially on hard difficulty, preparation is crucial. Here are some tips:

  1. Level Up: Ensure your character is adequately leveled up with a strong weapon, modules, Reactor, and Components.
  2. Optimize Your Build: Tailor your build to counter the specific boss. For instance, if the boss deals Fire damage and is weak to Chill damage, equip modules that increase your Fire resistance and add Chill ATK to your weapons.
  3. Defensive Modules: Invest in and upgrade defensive modules to improve survivability.

General Tips

  1. Exploit Weakpoints: Each Colossus has weakpoints that deal extra damage when hit. Press TAB to highlight these weakpoints in blue, then focus your attacks on them.
  2. Rescue Allies: Revive fallen teammates quickly but safely to avoid increasing the death count.
  3. Inventory Management: Ensure you have enough space in your inventory to collect the loot from a successful run.

Void Intercept Battle Strategies


Understanding Boss Mechanics

Each Colossus has unique mechanics and strategies required to defeat them. Here are some general strategies:

  • Weakpoints: Focus on the highlighted weakpoints for maximum damage. Destroying these can temporarily stun the boss.
  • Team Coordination: Work with your team to effectively manage damage and healing. Coordination is key to surviving the hardest battles.
  • Adapt Your Build: Adjust your modules and weapons based on the boss’s strengths and weaknesses.

Example Strategies

  • Grave Walker: Deals Fire damage and is weak to Chill damage. Equip Fire resistance modules and weapons with Chill ATK.
  • Stunning Beauty: Has high mobility and requires precise targeting of weakpoints to be effectively damaged.

Rewards from Void Intercept Battles

Completing Void Intercept Battles rewards players with rare and ultimate quality Reactors, Modules, and other valuable items. These rewards are crucial for crafting powerful gear and unlocking new Descendants.

Types of Rewards:

  • Reactors: Enhance your abilities and stats.
  • Modules: Provide various boosts and enhancements.
  • Amorphous Materials: Used to unlock additional rewards through the Reconstructed Device.

Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant offer a thrilling challenge and the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. By understanding the mechanics, preparing your build, and coordinating with your team, you can conquer these formidable bosses and enhance your gameplay experience. Stay prepared, adapt your strategies, and enjoy the rewarding challenges of Void Intercept Battles.