Weapon Tier List The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, choosing the right weapon can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. This tier list will help you identify the best weapons, from the most powerful to those you might want to avoid. Each tier represents the effectiveness, versatility, and overall impact of the weapons in the game.

What Are The Best Weapons in The First Descendant

Tier Definitions
Tier Description
S These weapons are the best in the game. They offer exceptional power, versatility, and effectiveness in various scenarios.
A High-performing weapons that are excellent choices for most situations. While not as powerful as S-Tier, they are still top-tier options.
B Good weapons that are reliable and effective but may lack the versatility or power of higher-tier options.
C Average weapons that can be useful in specific situations but are generally outclassed by higher-tier choices.
D These weapons are the least effective and are generally not recommended unless no other options are available.

S-Tier Weapons

  • Eternal Willpower (Rare)
  • Restored Relic (Ultimate)
  • Executor (Ultimate)
  • Piercing Light (Ultimate)
  • Forest Gaze (Rare)
  • Afterglow Sword (Ultimate)
  • Death Roar (Rare)
  • Nazeistra’s Devotion (Ultimate)
  • Clairvoyance (Ultimate)
  • Subconsciousness (Rare)
  • Immediate Execution (Rare)
  • Different Dream (Rare)
  • Supermoon Z-15 (Rare)
  • Phantom Pain (Rare)
  • Greg’s Reversed Fate (Ultimate)
  • Assassin’s Edge (Rare)

A-Tier Weapons

  • Ominous Hound (Normal)
  • Explorer’s Path (Rare)
  • Divine Punishment (Ultimate)
  • Enduring Legacy (Ultimate)
  • Vestigial Organ (Rare)
  • Belief (Rare)
  • Smithereens (Ultimate)
  • Blue Beetle (Ultimate)
  • Nightmare Hound (Normal)
  • King’s Guard Lance (Ultimate)
  • The Final Masterpiece (Ultimate)
  • Secret Garden (Ultimate)
  • Burning Hound (Normal)
  • Albion Cavalry Gun (Ultimate)
  • Wave of Light (Ultimate)
  • Tamed Beast (Normal)
  • Sonic Co-op (Rare)
  • Sigvore’s Proof (Ultimate)
  • Caligo’s Horn (Rare)

B-Tier Weapons

  • Devil’s Call (Rare)
  • Young Noble’s Ambition (Rare)
  • Lightspeed Barrel (Rare)
  • Fireworks (Rare)
  • In a Blink (Rare)
  • Hungry Hound (Normal)
  • Guardian R4 (Rare)
  • The Age of Innovation (Rare)
  • Blue Blood Bloomer (Rare)
  • Cygnus (Normal)
  • Lion of Blue Mane (Rare)
  • Dimensional Bridge (Rare)
  • The Unwelcomed (Rare)
  • Magnus AA (Rare)
  • Firefly (Rare)
  • Alter Ego (Rare)
  • Dogma 21 (Rare)
  • Perforator (Ultimate)
  • Albinism (Normal)
  • Thunder Cage (Ultimate)

C-Tier Weapons

  • New Beginning (Rare)
  • Silly Weeper (Rare)
  • Viper (Rare)
  • The Last Dagger (Ultimate)
  • The Last Knight (Rare)
  • Millennium Frost (Rare)
  • Python (Ultimate)
  • Rascal V-51 (Rare)
  • Burning 44 (Rare)
  • Tamer (Rare)
  • Hero’s Scar (Rare)
  • Fallen Hope (Ultimate)

D-Tier Weapons

  • Red Wolf (Rare)
  • Moon Fragment (Normal)
  • Rose of Aisha (Rare)
  • Recipient Unknown (Normal)
  • Detachment (Rare)
  • Unfinished Study (Rare)
  • Red Eye (Normal)
  • Gangster (Normal)

How to Know if a Weapon is Good in The First Descendant

Choosing the right weapon in The First Descendant can significantly impact your gameplay. Here are some simple criteria to help you determine if a weapon is good:

  1. Damage Output: Check the weapon’s base damage and any additional damage effects like burning, freezing, or electrical damage. High damage output generally means a more effective weapon.
  2. Fire Rate and Reload Speed: A high fire rate can compensate for lower damage per shot, especially in fast-paced battles. Reload speed is also crucial to keep you in the fight without long interruptions.
  3. Accuracy and Range: Weapons with higher accuracy and longer range are generally more versatile, allowing you to engage enemies from a distance with precision.
  4. Special Abilities: Some weapons come with unique abilities or buffs, such as increasing your overall damage or providing crowd control effects. These can make a significant difference in combat effectiveness.
  5. Tier Ranking: Refer to tier lists to see how the community ranks the weapon. Higher-tier weapons are usually more reliable and powerful.
  6. Synergy with Build: Ensure the weapon complements your character’s skills and overall build. For example, a weapon that enhances elemental damage would be ideal for a character specializing in elemental attacks.

Choosing the right weapon in The First Descendant can significantly impact your gameplay. S-Tier weapons offer the best performance and should be your primary choice whenever possible. A-Tier weapons are also excellent and reliable options. B-Tier weapons are good but may require more strategic use. C-Tier weapons have situational usefulness, while D-Tier weapons are generally not recommended unless you have no other options. Use this tier list to enhance your gaming experience and dominate the battlefield with the best weapons available.